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StrawberryThe death of a new born baby or an infant child is the most painful and most difficult situation that any person has to face. There is no way that family members, grandparents and parents can ease the pain, suffering and grief felt upon themselves so soon after a death.


At Earth to Heaven we do what is necessary to help you plan what happens after, as well as carry it through with as much care and devotion that can be brought to bear in such a limited time, and under such tragic circumstances.


Our baby coffins provide the most thoughtful, graceful and most dignified means of laying your beloved baby to rest, helping to make the funeral that much more personal. We offer a wide range of coffins suitable for babies and young infants and use traditional hand crafted baby coffins to provide a soft tone to an unpleasant and unforgiving event.


Our baby coffins and the environment.


We know losing a child is never easy so we believe in providing a thoughtful service that is as high quality as our range. Our eco-friendly baby caskets and coffins are the perfect, most harmonious way to lay your loved one to rest. Traditionally hand crafted, Earth to Heaven baby caskets and coffins follow an ethos of Fair Trade Products, which is integral to the beliefs of our company. From the sourcing of sustainable and renewable materials to the design, production and packaging of the finished product, we are as environmentally conscious as possible.


Take your time to look through the pictures and descriptions of our beautiful range of baby caskets and coffins and feel free to call us if you have any questions or need any advice.

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